Private currency and crypto exchange

"SENDR" provides services of fast and secure e-currency and crypto-currency exchange.

All exchanges are private - we don't ask you to verify identity and do not collect any personal or technical information.

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0.13750000   BTC
2.68670000   LTC
18.19041608   XMR
217.42   USD
12 045.60   RUB
2 270.76   USD
106 795.00   RUB
160.59   USD
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Here you can exchange the following electronic and crypto currencies:

Service exchanges e-currencies and crypto-currencies in fast and secure way. We offer not so much exchange directions but these are most convinient and private payment systems and crypto-currencies.

"SENDR" guarantees private and secure exchange.

SENDR's advantages:

  • Priority of keeping user's privacy – no personal information is collected. All information about exchanges and emails are deleted after the exchange is finished.
  • Encrypted mail service ProtonMail that we use do not share information to third parties and do not save it after deletion (like other nail services without user even knowing it).
  • Convinient user interface.
  • "SENDR" is included in trusted exchange services list of "Nixt" payment system.